5 Reasons Why Your Personal Injury Claim Was Rejected

Have any of your Personal Injury claims been rejected? Lawyers at LawTally can exactly tell you why. Read below to know more.

Over the years, Insurance companies have given various excuses for rejecting the personal injury claims. Few of these excuses have strong reasons for their occurrence. We have prepared a list to insure you from these insurance companies.

Note: Personal Injury Claims usually include damages, sufferings, medical bills or emotional distress for the present, past or future.

  1. Absence of an Independent Witness:

    Insurance companies rely on the statement of an independent witness. In the void of an Independent Witness, Insurance companies think that the accident never happened or it must have been your fault.

    Also, independent witnesses are different from the people who were present in your car.

    These companies believe that the people who were traveling with you have a motive to lie and thus they are not considered to be Independent Witnesses.

    There is no way to get out this kind of situation but you can contact a lawyer who practices Insurance Laws.

    The lawyer can help you to minimize the impact caused by the void of an Independent Witness.

  2. No medical attention = No Injury:

    Insurance companies strike out the possibility of an injury if you did not seek any medical attention after your accident. Without injury, there is no Personal Injury Claim. Insurance companies tend to overlook that people have a job or are sometimes in a rush to reach somewhere due to which they avoid seeking medical attention just after the accident.

    There are many more reasons but none should prevent the victim from getting what he or she deserves.

    Only an experienced attorney of personal injury can help you minimize the negative impact on your settlement.

  3. Direct Statement:

    Your claim settlement is mainly based on your statement. Your statement can either crack or lul your claim and thus consult an attorney before making a statement becomes important. Majority of people make this mistake due to which they end up taking pennies against their dollars of loss.

  4. Not filing a Police Report:

    Insurance companies always press and ask if the victim has filed a Police Report. A Police report stands like a verification to your statement. Always ask the officer to file a report. But Police reports are generally filled for a serious case of damages, depending upon the state you live.

    In that case, you will have to record an audio file or video file where the person at-fault is apologizing or blaming himself or herself for the damage caused.

    This serves as an evidence and the Insurance company cannot deny your settlement towards your personal injury claim or vehicle damage.

  5.  Absence of a lawyer in the process:

    If you think you can beat an insurance adjuster just by yourself, then forget it! It will never happen. These adjusters are trained to pay the minimum dues and settle the claim as hastily as possible.

    They compel you to think that you have a limited time to settle the claim and thus force you to accept what they are offering.

    But it is not true. Majority of states allow up to 2 years to just file a personal injury lawsuit.

    You need to have an experienced attorney as he or she might possess knowledge about the law, more than you. Let your lawyers take the ruckus of handling the insurance adjuster.

But why does an Insurance Company behave this way? The answer is in the question itself. It’s a form of a company i.e., They are running a business and they need profits to survive.

Their main purpose is to keep the company running at any cost. Thus, just like every formal business settlement, you need a LawTally lawyer who can be equally smart as these companies.

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