Are You On A Student Visa In The United States Of America?

Don't allow a wrong visa turn your dream of obtaining an education in the USA into a nightmare. Consult an immigration lawyer to save you from legal issues.

Students from around the world come to the US for education and research. The student visa permits an individual to stay in the country for a specified period and on particular conditions. At times, students suffer deportation if their education visa in the USA expires or they are on a wrong visa type.

There are different types of student visa available in the US. If you are a foreigner staying on a student visa, consulting a local immigration lawyer could save you from legal hassles. You could also seek guidance from the best immigration lawyers to extend your visa or change your visa type.

Know the visa type applicable to you from different student visa types

  • Students enrolling for full-time academic courses

Students seeking to come to the US for secondary or post-secondary level education need an F-1 Visa. This type of visa permits the student to stay in the country until the completion of the educational course. You must enroll for a full-time course at a school approved by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement in compliance with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, to qualify for F-1 Visa.

  • Students coming for non-academic courses

If you wish to visit the US to complete mechanical or technical studies, language programs, culinary programs, or any other non-academic education programs, you require M-1 Visa. This type of education visa available in the USA allows you to stay for one year. If needed, you get an option to extend your visa for up to three years to complete your coursework.

  • For foreign interns

If you want to do an internship with an American company based in the US, you should apply for a J-1 visa. You should be enrolled in a university-level degree program in your home country during the internship to qualify for this visa type. You could also complete the internship within one year of your graduation.

  • Individuals coming for the exchange of ideas

The J-1 Visa also called Temporary Exchange Visitor Visa is used by research scholars, school teachers, professors, and individuals promoting collaboration between academics as well as sharing their finding across national borders. This Visa type holder coming to conduct research or teach is allowed to stay in the US for five years and 30 days.

  • For medical graduate students

International students coming to the US for medical training programs can use J-1 Visa. They are permitted to stay for seven years and thirty days. They also have an option to extend the duration of the Visa to complete their studies under unique situations.

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