Are You Seeking Compensation For Brain Injury?

The lawyer must have experience of favorably handling brain injury cases in the past and must be able to provide the proof for it.

Brain injuries also called silent epidemic or invisible injuries, have long-term devastating emotional, social, and financial impact on the family of the wounded person. A brain injury could happen due to many reasons including an automobile accident, while playing sports, after slipping and falling or any other scenario.

The common symptoms of a brain injury include a headache, irritability, personality change, nausea, major vision issues, depression, cognitive difficulties, emotional and behavioral problems. At times there is the critical loss of blood flow to the brain causing permanent damage.


Types of brain injury

Let’s discuss the different types of brain injury and how they impact the sufferer.


A concussion is a temporary injury to the brain that may take minutes or even months to heal. The person experiences an altered state of consciousness or loses consciousness. A second concussion could lead to permanent brain damage or even death.

Skull fracture

The breaks or cracks on the bones of the skull are called skull fractures. They damage the underlying areas of the head like membranes, blood vessels, and brain.


Bleeding of blood vessels into brain tissue leads to swelling or bruising of the brain called Contusions. They do not appear immediately. It takes hours or a day for them to show up.

Diffuse axonal injury

It is a common brain injury, characterized by widespread damage to the brain’s white matter. It causes temporary or permanent damage to the brain. Additionally, its recovery is prolonged.


It is a pooling of blood in the tissues outside of the blood vessels. It is due to head damage causing severe bleeding in and around the brain.


Finding a brain injury lawyer

You might think of consulting any Personal Injury Lawyer, but you need an attorney having the medical and legal understanding of brain injuries and not general wounds. The lawyer must have experience of favorably handling brain injury cases in the past and must be able to provide the proof for it.

The lawyer should have an understanding of the challenges ahead for the injured person as well as the family. He or she should devote ample time to you. He should build a strong case for you and should have expertise in brain injury litigation.

It is crucial to select a lawyer with whom you and your family can connect and not someone who cannot even speak your language. You should confirm that the lawyer you are meeting is going to handle your case and not someone else.

The lawyer should recommend you do not accept a sufficient amount as damages if it is not fair. He should be willing to fight to win you the compensation for brain injury.


The Conclusion

As most brain injuries have a long-term impact on the life of the injured, it is essential that you seek the best compensation possible. Only a specialized and experience brain injury lawyer can help you get what you deserve. LawTally can help you in your search for the best brain injury lawyer in your area.

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