Aviation Law Case: Don’t Make The Mistake Of Consulting A General Practice Lawyer

Aviation attorneys hold a law degree with an emphasis in aviation, and many of them are also licensed pilots or engineers having the requisite technical know-how.

The complex nature of the airline industry and the law surrounding it, give rise to complicated legal issues for people concerned such as airlines, pilots, maintenance crews, security personnel, air traffic controllers, those purchasing an aircraft, those injured in the plane, those losing their loved ones in a plane accident, etc.

Understanding United States Laws concerning Aviation

The primary federal agencies regulating air travel in the United States are:

  • Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates aircraft manufacture, maintenance, and operation as well as issues certifications to pilots and airports. It provides air traffic management and navigation services to civil and military aircraft.

  • National Transportation Safety Board

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issues safety recommendations and also investigates all civil aviation accidents in the country.

  • Transportation Security Administration

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), formed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, counters security threats by carrying out checks of luggage and screening passengers.

The states could also enact laws from time to time that is consistent with federal aviation law, but they cannot regulate routes, services, or rates of carriers.

Some international laws also apply to air travel. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) provides general rules and mediates international aviation law disputes. The countries have also entered into conventions to normalize the laws regulating airlines and passenger rights such as the Warsaw Convention.

Who is an Aviation Lawyer?

If your legal issue is related to the aviation industry, you need to contact a specialized Aviation Lawyer. Aviation attorneys hold a law degree with an emphasis in aviation, and many of them are also licensed pilots or engineers having the requisite technical know-how.

They have in-depth knowledge of aircraft types as well as the aviation laws & regulations. They have the experience of handling aviation issues that could result in litigation such as human factors and airline liability.

They frequently evaluate and provide opinion on pending aviation safety legislation, advancement in aviation safety practices, and improvement of aviation products, aircraft design, and infrastructure.

Know when and why you will need an aviation accident lawyer

An airplane accident usually results in severe injuries or death. It is a particularly tragic time for the families of the victims. If you have lost a loved one in such an incident, you are probably struggling with questions such as why me or how this happened.

The first step towards finding answers to your questions is identifying aviation law firms or an aviation attorney near you. The best aviation attorneys apply the aviation accident, disaster, and injury law to carefully document, analyze, and adjudicate complicated questions.

Individual incidents pose complicated flight engineering questions to them, which they take up systematically by reviewing accident reports to determine what could have caused the flight accident.

For example, was the accident a result of faulty equipment, pilot error, negligence by flight service station employees or air traffic controller, violations of FAA regulations, problems in aircraft design or structure?

They even use aviation technology to reconstruct more complex scenarios involving small planes and modern jet aircraft and also visit the crash sites to analyze the situation firsthand.

They dig deep to unravel the most complicated causes and issues related to the aviation industry. They collaborate with other legal experts, engineers, pilots, and applied mathematicians to reach to the truth of the accident.

Even though there is no monetary reward good enough to compensate for the loss of life or long-term disability of the victim, it is the fate of the aviation attorneys to face the tough questions of determining the compensation for wrongful injury and death due to an airplane accident.

They use the information they have collected as a result of the thorough investigation to negotiate settlements with those responsible for the accident. If needed, they file lawsuits to have a judge or jury to determine an outcome.

So if you have suffered an injury or lost your loved ones in an airplane tragedy, a top-rated aviation lawyer can help you uncover the underlying cause of the incident and recover fair and equitable compensation for you.

Aviation lawyer helps protect the rights of people involved in the aviation industry

Being a pilot, you know that your license is far more sensitive to scrutiny and revocation than professional licenses of other occupations. You realize the value of this privilege most there is a threat to it.

Even if you are an air traffic controller or other airline workers, your career could be at stake due to a mishap or unavoidable circumstance. The job roles and responsibilities of aviation attorneys involve protecting the rights of people working in the aviation industry.

An aviation lawyer can help you if you have refused to submit to the DOT drug testing, you are not getting FAA Medical Certificate, your airworthiness is in question, you are facing unauthorized checks, the authorities revoked your license over DUI arrest, you are facing carelessness charges, etc.

Aviation law firms usually cater to a wide range of practice areas such as Enforcement Action Defense, FAA Fitness for Flight Defense, Aircraft Accident Defense, NTSB Appeal Litigation, FAA Airman Medical Certificate Action Defense, FAA Emergency Orders of Revocation, and many others.

If you are looking to purchase an aircraft, an aviation lawyer will assist you with Aircraft Purchase and Sales Agreements, Aircraft Insurance Issues and Litigation, and other related disputes. Aviation attorneys also help the players involved to comply with aviation laws & regulations.

Finding an aviation lawyer near you

You should look to hire a dedicated aviation attorney and not a general practice lawyer focusing on aviation as a small area. The advocate should be well connected at the FAA and NTSB levels as well as have experience of appearing before the US Court of Appeals.

You can find the most suitable attorney as per your requirement using the LawTally website. Why compromise when you can have several options available at your fingertips? During the initial meeting, you should confirm if the lawyer has previously handled cases similar to yours and if so, what was the outcome.

As you have understood so far that aviation law cases are highly technical and complex, you should not risk your case in the hands of someone not qualified or experienced enough to handle it. LawTally also helps you locate the best aviation law firms.

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