How to carefully create a parenting plan?

Even if your case is of child custody for father or child custody for mother or joint child custody, you are required to decide many important things in advance for the best interest of your child.

For separating parents, the biggest issue is the custody of their child or children. Irrespective of whichever arrangement you are opting for, wouldn’t it be better to come up with a parenting plan on your own rather than accepting the plan imposed by the judge?

What is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan basically jots down the arrangement separating parents make for their child. Child custody laws are complex and differ from state to state. It will be in your best interest to consult an expert child custody lawyer in your area and take guidance. If you are the father seeking sole or joint custody of your child, the process is more challenging for you. It is imperative that you acquaint yourself with your child custody rights. 

The parenting plan is required to be elaborate and must include the following:

  • Child custody laws require separating parents to decide about child’s living arrangements in advance

Both parents are required to mutually decide on where will the child live and at which time? How and when will the child communicate with one parent while living with the other parent? How will the child travel between both houses and both houses should have which essential items for childcare.

  • Child custody rights allow parents to make changes in the predetermined parenting plan

It is anticipated that it is not always possible to stick to the predetermined parenting plan due to circumstances such as illness, work trips, etc. Separating parents are suppose to decide in advance how the communication will take place when such situations arise and how will the issues be addressed.

  • Determining child’s health decisions in child custody for father or in joint custody

It is important to determine in advance how the health decisions of the child will be made. If both parents jointly make decisions, how will they notify each other when emergency care is needed. It is advisable that parents maintain adequate health cover for their child. Again they should decide on whether any one parent or both parents will cover the child.

  • It is important to arrange for child’s education and extracurricular activities in advance

Usually schools require one address of the child for correspondence as well as for other important school-related things. Separating parents should decide on things like the child will attend which school, whose address to be used for school correspondence, how absences in school should be handled, who will attend events and meetings in school, who will bear the expenses for extracurricular activities, etc.

  • Travel arrangements in joint custody or sole custody

Even if your case is of child custody for father or child custody for mother or joint child custody, you are required to decide in advance how and when the decision to travel will be notified to the other parent. If one parent is travelling with the child, it is imperative that he or she gives the other parent all travelling details such as time and place details as well as emergency contact numbers.

  • Making arrangement for communication is mandatory in child custody

It is difficult for couples going through a divorce to communicate in midst of all the stress. But it is essential to protect the interest of their children. You could come up with guidelines of communication including what and when to be communicated. You could use an online platform that maintains a historic record, which could be useful in court if required.

You could either consult a divorce lawyer having experience in custody or a specialized child custody lawyer or child support lawyer to help you create a parenting plan which will be accepted by the court. Allow LawTally to help you in your search for the best lawyer.

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