Need Help With A Civil Lawsuit?

An experienced civil litigation attorney guides you through the entire process of filing and pursuing a civil suit. He or she also advises you on the best suited route to get the civil case in your favor.

Are you embroiled in a legal dispute over money or in any other matter? Are you seeking to file a non-criminal lawsuit but don’t know the process of filing a civil suit? Or you are the one against whom a civil suit has been filed? In both the cases, You need a civil litigation lawyer. The civil suit process is complicated and should not be handled without the guidance of a litigation lawyer.

The litigation lawyer studies your case to determine if you actually need to go to the court. He or she represents you in trial, arbitration as well as mediation. While trials take place in court, arbitration and mediation processes are attempted outside of court to save the time and expenses of going to the court.

It is important to take advice from a litigation lawyer in your particular case as there are different types of civil cases. The advice of the litigation lawyer could be different in different cases.

Types of civil cases

Your civil lawsuit could pertain to any of the following types:

  • Landlord and tenant dispute
  • Divorce Lawsuit
  • Environmental law dispute
  • Labor and employment dispute
  • Intellectual property dispute
  • Alimony dispute
  • Discrimination case
  • Debt settlement dispute
  • Personal injury case
  • Products liability dispute
  • Antitrust Litigation
  • Education law dispute
  • And many more

Discussing the civil suit process followed by the Litigation Lawyer

  • Initial case investigation

For the plaintiff, the litigation lawyer does exhaustive case investigation to find if there are enough evidences to support the filing of the lawsuit. The lawyer’s investigations may include such things as studying the facts leading to the dispute, locating witnesses, recording their statements, etc.

If you are the defendant, your litigation lawyer will work towards gathering the evidences to defend the charge against you.

Before filing the civil suit, the litigation lawyer tries to settle the dispute by involving in pre-litigation settlement discussions.

  • Filing a civil suit

Litigation lawyer of a plaintiff files a complaint to initiate the lawsuit. The defendant’s litigation lawyer files answers and in some cases even counterclaims in response to the plaintiff’s complaint. Litigation lawyers of both parties are required to file a variety of pleadings and motions.

  • Going through the discovery process

In this process the litigation lawyers of both parties exchange all relevant information via interrogatories or through written questions, which the other party should mandatorily answer. They seek for documents in possession of the other party and employ a number of other methods. This helps them to acquire relevant information, to find out the issues of the case , and to come up with a strategy for their case.

  • Pre-trial and the trial

The litigation lawyers are required to complete a number of pre-trial tasks in order to effectively present the case in the trail.

  • Trying for settlement

At any stage of the lawsuit, the possibility of settlement between the parties in present. This saves the time, cost and risk of going to the court. The litigation lawyers of both the parties engage in negotiations for settlement. In some cases the litigation lawyers even participate in mediation and settlement conferences with the judge.

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