Stand For Yourself- Don’t Let Anyone Mess With Your Constitutional Rights

The US Constitution gives you many rights and also protects them. If you feel that a government act or a private party has violated your constitutional rights, you should seek guidance from a Constitutional Lawyer.

In the practice of law, Constitutional law is a specialized area of law that is concerned with the interpretation, implementation, and amendment of the 50 states’ constitutions and the United States Constitution. A Constitutional Lawyer has strong understandings of Constitutional rights in the USA and their implications.

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Know your Constitutional Rights in the USA

As a citizen of the United States of America, it is imperative that you know your rights and you take a stand if someone violates them. The US Bill of Rights is the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution and spells out the rights of Americans concerning the government.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution

It protects several rights such as the Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and the Right to Petition and Right to Assemble.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution

It protects the rights of the people to bear arms for protection & recreation and the right to self-defense.

The Third Amendment of the US constitution

It prohibits the government from allowing soldiers to temporarily reside in private homes during peacetime without getting the house owner’s permission.

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution

It protects people and private properties from unreasonable searches or seizures by the government without probable cause. Hence, it protects from traffic stops, police raids, wiretapping, and racial profiling.

The Fifth Amendment Rights

It imposes the idea of the due process of law and protects the people accused of crimes by giving them the right against self-incrimination and imprisonment. Hence, the authorities cannot hold a person to answer a crime unless a grand jury starts the indictment. Also, they cannot conduct the trial for the same offense twice and take away property without just compensation.

The Sixth Amendment Rights

It provides additional protections to people accused of crimes, such as the right to a public trial, the right to a lawyer, an impartial jury, and the right to know who your accusers are and the nature of the charges and evidence against them.

The Seventh Amendment Rights

It extends the right to a jury trial in federal civil cases and restrains courts from reversing a jury’s findings of fact.

The Eighth Amendment Rights

It bars unusual & cruel punishments as well as excessive bail & fines for people accused of crimes.

The Ninth Amendment Rights

It states that apart from the explicitly mentioned rights in the US Bill of Rights, other rights might also exist and that no one should violate them.

The Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution

It says that the Federal Government only has those powers that the Constitution has delegated it. It provides the endowments not given to the Federal Government to the States and the people.

Besides the US Bill of Rights, two more amendments played a crucial role in moving democracy forward.

The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

It abolished slavery and involuntary servitude in the country, except as a punishment to a person convicted of a crime.

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

It provided equal voting rights to both men and women and as a result of a long struggle known as the women’s suffrage movement.

Hence, the US Constitution gives its citizen several rights and also protects them. If you feel that a government act or a private party has violated your constitutional rights, you should seek guidance from a Constitutional Lawyer.

Know what does a Constitutional Lawyer do

The umbrella term Constitutional law covers nearly every legal aspect imaginable and is one of the broadest areas of law. Hence, a Constitutional Lawyer might focus on human rights, criminal law, or real estate.

A Constitutional lawyer usually handles cases related to civil rights. He or she could either defend a client against a civil rights complaint or challenge a judicial appointment or a part of legislation to protect the civil rights of the citizens.

He or she litigates over illegal discrimination, police brutality, public school policies, judicial & legislator misconduct, and similar activities of government employees.

The attorney helps people who believe that someone violated their constitutional rights. If the advocate finds that a client has a legit case and decides to take the case, he or she answers questions about how the constitution might apply to the client’s issue.

If you hire a Constitutional Lawyer, the attorney will investigate the facts by interviewing you and other parties and gathering relevant paperwork by researching similar cases.

At this stage, the advocate will work with you to determine the strategy to move ahead in your case. At first, the lawyer will try to resolve your problem by corresponding with all involved parties.

If your case ends up in the court of law, the attorney will furnish the court with evidence and accurate paperwork, as well as present your case. The advocate will not just argue before state supreme courts, but if required, will represent you before the Supreme Court of the United States.

The attorney will help you meet legal deadlines and file briefs. Constitutional law is one of the most complex legal practice areas, and hence, you should take care to hire a lawyer who has successfully handled cases similar to yours in the past.

A Constitutional Lawyer should have excellent verbal and written communication skills to relate to other Lawyers, jury members, Judges, as well as you. He or she should have attention to detail, the ability to work under pressure, and exceptional listening capabilities.

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