Things To Know Before Planning An Adoption

An adoption lawyer plays a crucial role in getting the biological parents’ rights forfeited and proving that the adoption is in the child’s best interest.

While adoption brings joy to a family, the legal hassles involved in child adoption process could be stressful. There are different types of adoption, and each brings with itself a unique set of requirements and challenges. Taking an adoption attorney’s assistance is imperative to complete the process.


Role of a lawyer in different types of adoption

There are various scenarios under which adoptions take place in the US. The role of an adoption lawyer changes depending on the need of the case.

Adopting within existing family

Under this type, an adult seeks to adopt a child related by marriage or genetics. It can be further categorized into adoption by stepparent or relatives.

  • Adoption by a stepparent- When one spouse adopts the other’s child from an earlier marriage, the adoption makes the stepparent a full legal parent to the child. It requires the biological parent to relinquish the parental rights, or the rights can be terminated. An adoption lawyer plays a crucial role in getting the biological parents’ rights forfeited and proving that the adoption is in the child’s best interest.
  • Adoption by a relative- Grandparents, older siblings, aunts, or uncles seeks to adopt a child when the biological parents are not able to care for the child or not alive. The lawyer helps in getting their parental rights terminated.


Adopting a child
Often married or single people wish to adopt a child not previously related to them.

  • Domestic adoption- Under this scenario, birth parents and adoptive parents are citizens of the US or even the same State. The lawyer helps in completing all legal formalities and modifying the child’s birth certificate to include the new parents’ name. The child’s name can also be changed in some cases.
  • International adoption-  When the US citizens seek to adopt children from other countries, such cases are more complicated. An experienced adoption lawyer can help in smoothening the adoption process.

Adoption by single people
For single people to adopt, they need to meet certain financial stability and character requirements set by the state. A good lawyer helps such individuals in connecting with the requisite agencies to complete all the steps of the adoption process.

Adoption by an unmarried couple
An experienced adoption lawyer can skillfully handle all the steps required to complete such an adoption process. He or she gives it a similar treatment as adoption by a married couple and works to get a positive outcome.

Adoption by a couple of same-sex
The laws related to such special adoption cases vary from state to state. A knowledgeable local adoption lawyer is best suited to handle them.

Importance of a lawyer in completing the child adoption process

Taking into consideration the different types of adoptions, the steps involved could significantly vary depending on the unique needs of your case. The most crucial steps include:

  • Securing a court-ordered termination of the parental rights of biological parents. In some cases, the biological parents may not be cooperative in completing the legal procedures. A lawyer plays a crucial role in such cases.
  • Filing for adoption is not one step but a series of complex actions. The lawyer is responsible for timely completing all the required documentation, checks, and assessments.

A lawyer not having sufficient knowledge or experience could miss out on a step in adoption, which could cost you dearly. Screening multiple lawyers before choosing the best adoption lawyer in your area is highly recommended. LawTally makes the initial screening process easy for you.

When meeting a lawyer, you must thoroughly check his or her credentials, experience in handling cases similar to yours, the fees, the timeframe, etc.

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