In our difficult times, all we need is to find the right person who would make our problems his or her own and our dreams and aspirations his or her own goal.

We at LawTally seek to give you a helping hand in getting you closer to what you want. We know that it is imperative for you to find a lawyer who is perfectly suited to handle your particular case and is capable of advising you to the best of your interests.

We know finding the best lawyer is a tedious task. It involves browsing through numerous personal websites of lawyers and law firms, jotting down the relevant ones, making comparisons, meeting different people personally.

And all this in the midst of your legal trouble that has already given you enough stress. Wouldn’t it be great if you got all the relevant information at one place? We at LawTally seek to do just this.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect you to the Best Lawyer.

What we offer

At present LawTally allows you to browse the profiles of 58,8,62 lawyers and counting, complete with their qualification, field of expertise, years of experience, previous cases handled, success stories, and of course their contact details.

These lawyers have been categorized into 112 different work areas such as appeals lawyer, business lawyer, family lawyer, civil rights lawyer and so on.

Further the lawyers are categorized by states and cities. LawTally is user friendly, clean and up to the point directory and allows you to search lawyers by their work area or state or city or by all of these.

We are constantly striving to add more and more information that could be helpful to you in making a right decision because we know that finding the right lawyer is half legal battle won.

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